Throughout all phases of its work, Matrix3D employs a proven system of procedures, systems and guidelines to ensure project success.

Matrix3D practices an approach to project design, documentation and construction based on a logical and controlled progression beginning with understanding and documenting the client’s goals and objectives, communicating the objectives to all Matrix3D team members, developing a project Work Plan in a collaborative manner, carefully and regularly monitoring actual project activities and progress against planned performance and making adjustments or corrections as necessary and appropriate to ensure completing with client established goals, objectives and standards.

Matrix3D follows these systems and procedures to implement the client and project relationship management process.


Prior to the project initiation meeting, the Matrix3D Project Manager prepares a preliminary project work plan. This work plan summarizes and documents the management and design plan for the project. The work plan is discussed and developed by all parties in the project initiation meeting. In this manner, all Matrix3D team members understand and collaboration concurs on the work plan. After this meeting, the work plan is modified as appropriate and issued to all team members.


Communication is the most important element of the Matrix3D project approach and implementation. Our philosophy is that it is better to err in over communicating than under communicating. These include but are not limited to:


On a regular basis a Matrix3D team meeting will be held. This meeting includes a working status report, upcoming issues, and problem identification session.


Matrix3D uses a "Meeting Notice" to advise all attendees of upcoming meetings. Similarly, minutes are prepared and distributed following all meetings.


Because the most truly important project communication occurs during the day-to-day conduct of business rather than in meetings, Matrix3D uses a "Record of Conversation Document" as an easy and effective tool to document and share important conversations.


One copy of all Matrix3D correspondence is placed in a project team "Reading File." The reading file is circulated among all team members on a weekly basis. In this manner, all individuals are kept abreast of current communications.


To plan and control the interface with the multiple agencies who will have input and may have review/approval authority, Matrix3D uses its "Agency Review Checklist." This document is customized for the client’s project, indicating specific contact names, addresses and telephone numbers. Reviews are notes as required or deemed appropriate in all project phases.

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